All confirmed reservation must be settled at least 14 days prior to the date arrival, unless the credit facility has been approved and signed by the authorized personnel of your organization. In some cases, deposit will be absolutely required by the hotel, especially during high season period.

All payment can be done through:


Bank Name : BCA Cabang Cakranegara, Lombok - NTB
Rupiah account : 056.0316658
On the behalf of : PT. A&T Holidays


Bank Name : BNI 46 Cabang Cakranegara, Lombok - NTB
Rupiah account : 038.000053061.001
US$ Account : 038.000053079.001
On the behalf of : PT. A&T Holidays


Bank Name : Danamon Cabang Cakranegara, Lombok - NTB
Rupiah account : 1166.7201
On the behalf of : PT. A&T Holidays



Unless there is a written confirmation from the hotel and/or other service providers, like: airlines or transportation company, no refund can be done, for part or all unused services.


  • The holidays, accommodation, transport or other services in this tour manual organized and arranged by A&T Holidays and its associated. The company is not itself a carrier or hotelier, nor do we own aircraft, hotel or coaches.

  • Booking with A&T Holiday are subject to the term and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by those transportation companies, hotel contractors and other service providers, who may provide you with services and facilities at the request of the A&T Holidays.

  • A&T Holidays acts as your agent to introduce you to services provided. We do not accept any legal liability for damage including death, injury, delay and loss of any nature, addition expenses or inconvenience howsoever caused to the guests / passengers for himself and his executors. Administrators and dependents expressly renounces all claim against A&T Holidays in respect therefore, whether the same may be due to negligence, misconduct, act of omission, default or failure one the part of A&T Holidays or not.

  • A&T Holidays serves the right to use other non-brochure service providers of a similar or higher standard at their discretion. A&T Holidays reserves the right to amend, make variation to or cancel the tours, accommodation, transportation or other services and facilities advertised in the tariff. All prices are subject to alteration at the absolute discretion of the company, and in particular but not limited to, when there be tariff to fare variation or currency exchange fluctuations.

  • The airlines concerns are not to be held responsible for any act. Omission or event during the time passengers is not on board their aircraft any/or conveniences. The airlines ticket issued by the airlines concern. When issued, shall constitute the sole contract between this airlines and the purchaser of this tour and/or tour member

Canceleation policy

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