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Ate Saliper Beach
Saliper means the comforter / pacifier / conditioning. Ate means the liver. As the name implies Ate Saliper coast means that beaches can be calm / remedy, liver visitors. Located about 5 km towards the west of the town of Sumbawa Besar, the location is easily accessible by land transport (bemo city). Prior to developing coastal tourism Saliper Ate is the only public recreation Sumbawa.

Golden Beach
Golden Beach is located about 11 km from the city of Sumbawa Besar is a beach quite charming. With a curved shape and beaches on both ends of each curve has a distinctive hue. Especially dilengkungan the right stand naturally shaped rock with bolongannya that every time kissed waves. Around the beach are also available tourist facilities in the form of cottages with the typical shape of the building area of Sumbawa.

Natural attractions of these mountains at an altitude + 450 meters above sea level, the distance is 17 km from the town of Sumbawa Besar. Winding roads with views of hills and valleys can be reached by various kendaraaan.Fasilitas that are available include swimming pool and shelter.

Pulau Moyo (Moyo Island)
Located north side of Sumbawa and at the mouth of the bay with a wide Saleh + 30 Ha.Pulau Moyo has land and sea attractions. Moyo island tropical forest is a habitat for a herd of deer, wild cattle, wild pigs and birds singed (megapodius) are protected, there are also water-storey terterjun eyes telling. Tourism baharinya provides a beautiful panoramic underwater diving activities (snorkling and scuba diving), even starting from the pier to the island of Moyo has seen thousands of small fish. Lady Diana of the British Empire and Prince William of the Dutch empire had come on vacation to the island of Moyo.

Ai Manis Beach
Located on the mainland the white sandy Moyo island and underwater scenery with coral reefs and tropical fish of his charming and tropical forests are nearby making Sweet Ai is ideal for camping activities, snorkling, and so forth. From sweet Ai can be witnessed the sinking of the sun (Sunset). roads in tropical forests around Ai Manis will be presented in a natural flora and fauna such as deer, wild cattle, boar, koakkao birds, parrots and birds scorched-protected. Not far from there Sweet Ai bat cave. Sweet Ai can be taken approximately 30 minutes by speed boat from Bari Ai Moyo Hilir subdistrict.

The Old Palace
The ancient palace made of wood built during the reign of Sultan Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah III (about 1885 AD). Currently used / being used as "Regional Museum of Sumbawa" storage history objects Sumbawa. The palace is two twin buildings supported on large wooden poles as much as 99 pieces, according to the nature of God in the Al - Qur'an (Beautiful Husna). In In this workshop we can see a typical motif carvings Samawa area, as an ornament on the wooden buildings. Thumbnail In this workshop can be seen at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) Jakarta.

Wisma Praja / Region House (Government House)
Palace is a Dutch building in 1932, where as the last residence of the Sultan Kaharuddin III, engage in government. Now used as a reception area - great room and activities - activities ceremony / reception is formal, as well as other governmental meetings.

Bala Kuning (The Yellow House)
namely family homes last Sultan. Here you can find things magical kingdom, such as bulging, Sarpedang, Umbrella Kamutar, Tear (spear / javelin), Keris, handwritten Quran by Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Al-Jawi (+ / - Year 1784) at the time of Sultan Government Harrunnurrasyid II (1770 - 1790), which is always well maintained.

Hamlet Pamulung
a village that included in the Territory of Labuan Village Coral Dima Badas District, situated about 8 km from the town of Sumbawa Besar. Hamlet is a tourist village, because the village can we meet and see different cultures attraksi areas, such as Karaci, Barapan Kebo, traditional dances and traditional music.

Village tepals
+ Traditional village located 37 km from downtown, entered in the subdistrict of Batu Lanteh. This village can be reached by foot or on horseback. Village tepals save a lot of traditional culture, because people still adhere to cultural mores and Samawa. It can be seen from the way they dress, the way of life and form a unique house, so this village called Desa Adat.

Poto village
One of the villages in the district of Sumbawa which still maintains its cultural preservation areas such as traditional weaving, pottery and folk games attractions such as horse riding, karapan buffalo. Poto village that is located on Moyo Hilir subdistrict about 13 km from the town of Sumbawa can be easily reached by land transportation facilities that always serve the route daily.

Liang evening
Dark cave which has stalactites and stalaknit, in which stone carvings found berornamenkan animal-headed people, people who were weaving and many other ornaments. This cave is situated near the village of Batu Hulu Tering Moyo District, with the distance less than 29 km from the town of Sumbawa Besar. Not far from there this evening Liang Liang buccal (bat cave).

Bungin Island
Usually referred to as the most populous island in the world, because the population density +14,000 soul / km. Known also very safe because so far life is always safe and peaceful society. In this island will not be found agricultural land, plantations and farms. Land that is used to build runah live. To build a new house, they must work together with how to prepare a rock which had been collected previously. The absence of land above brings its own uniqueness, because livestock (goats) population of this island not only eat the leaves, but also paper, marine fish, and dry goods which have been torn. Bungin Island is still in the Alas subdistrict or + 70 km from the town of Sumbawa. To reach the island is available boat back and forth between the island and pier pads Bungin or by road with motor vehicles.

Kaung Island (Kaung Island)
An island is a fishing village located not too far from the island Bungin. To reach the island is no longer cross the sea, but can be traversed by road with motor vehicle use and increased gig. Handicrafts made ​​from shellfish can be found on the island.

Hamlet Talwa
It is a village blacksmith (Black Smith) is still maintaining its traditional character is thick in the manufacture of knives, machetes, hoes, tembilang, and so forth. Hamlet Talwa by the tourists who dubbed the German Blingin is located in the district of Moyo Hulu, located 14 km from the town of Sumbawa Besar.
Sili Beach and MACI
Tourism is renowned for their consistent surfing waves located on the Beach and Beach sili MACI, both these beaches can be reached by road by traveling approximately 6 hours from the town of Sumbawa large or with a flight to the city bima plus 1 hour by road.
The second beach is very popular as a surfing and each year together with the District Dompu World level surfing competitions held at the Beach Hu'u

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