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We have been demonstrating a "silky smoth" holiday arrangement, since the last 23 years, for the guests of our valuable partners like you, coming from all over the world, such as : North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Cruises as well as Domestic market. The services are not only featuring FIT but also GITs series, Incentives, Special Interest and Cruise.

A&T Holidays also exist at the airport. This is again, to make sure, your guests will always be our prime concern, since day one up to the end of their holiday in Lombok. Our multi-lingual personnel will be ready at your service at any time you need us.
We can be easily reached by facsimile, e-mail or telephone.

Head Office:
JL. Adi Sucipto No. 33, Pertokoan Cental City 10-11.
Ampenan - Lombok - Indonesia, Kode Pos : 83113.
Phone: +62 370 644 222 / 649 888 ( hunting ) Fax: +62 370 645 777
Email : info@gilisudaklombok.com
Email : reservation@lombokandbeyond.com

YM : antholidays


JL Koperasi Gg Dahlia 1-B.
Palembak Ampenan - Lombok - Indonesia, Kode Pos : 83113.
Phone: +62 370 644 222 ( hunting ) Fax: +62 370 638 566
Email : info@gilisudaklombok.com
Email : reservation@lombokandbeyond.com

Email : info@lombokandbeyond.com

Email : sales@lombokandbeyond.com

YM : s_ant@ymail.com, antreservation2

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